Petroleum Products

Quotes for Petroleum products within the Retail Market administered by RCE are established by the quote commission every Friday, using successful transactions which have taken place in the previous week to publication. The weekly reference interval comprises the previous Friday,  and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the current week.

Quotes are calculcated and are available only for successful transactions and  contracts executed on RCE’s markets under the following conditions:


  • Price in Lei per tonne, exclusive of taxes and VAT
  • Franco beneficiary delivery Mid country
  • A maximum 30 day since delivery payment
  • Transactions comprise of significant quantities (500 tonnes)
  • Transaction assurance
  • For large quantities, discounts can be granted


DataCotatieVariatieMinMaxCod ProdusDescarca istoric
08/06/20233,802.192.513,709.213,802.19MTR51. MTR5 - 2023-06-08
08/06/20234,406.802.254,309.864,406.80BNZ52. BNZ5 - 2023-06-08
08/06/20232,327.402.112,279.362,327.40PC1S3. PC1S - 2023-06-08
08/06/20233,298.572.743,210.653,298.57COLM4. COLM - 2023-06-08
08/06/20232,512.301.922,464.982,512.30COL35. COL3 - 2023-06-08