GasForward Market

Trade! Link to the GasForward trading platform

Within the GasForward market you can trade medium and long term contracts which are regulated under RERA’s order nr. 223/2018 which corresponds with order nr. 105/2018.

Approved products which can be traded within this market through an RCE standard, preagreed, EFET or other proposed contract are:

    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Semester
    • Warm season
    • Cold season
    • Calendar year
    • Gas year

Details about the Medium and Long term products market

18.06.2020BRM_GAS_PHFQ3-2020920024.6EROARE UMANA10278
01.09.2020BRMGS_S1-20214163057EROARE UMANA13747
29.09.2020BRMGN_WS-20213660050EROARE UMANA14401
08.10.2020BRM_GAS_PHFM_11-20201500056.1EROARE UMANA14491
20.10.2020BRM_GAS_PHFM_11-2020279056.13EROARE TRANZACTIONARE14716
20.10.2020BRM_GAS_PHFM_12-2020186057.68EROARE TRANZACTIONARE14668
18.11.2020BRM_GAS_PHFY-2021547563.7EROARE UMANA15868
18.11.2020BRM_GAS_PHFY-20213102564.1EROARE UMANA15871
19.11.2020BRM_GAS_PHFWS-20211830057.78EROARE UMANA15940

In order to register on the GasForward market you must proceed like so:

  • Sign the Collaboration Agreement and provide us with the Balancing and VTP access contract concluded with SNTGN Transgaz S.A.
  • Sign the Convention for participation to the centralized Natural Gas market in 2 original copies and send them by post, courier or e-mail in order to be signed by RCE;
  • Sign the REMIT data reporting agreement
  • Constitute guarantees in RCE’s favour which cover 2% of the transactions value. The guarantee can be constituted through a Letter of guarantee or by a money order in RCE’s account RO50 RNCB 0082 0009 9180 0641    Guarantee = 2% * Maximum offered price * Maximum of the quantity you want to trade
  • In order to allow a person to trade, a person with a decisional role must fill in and sign an empowerment

Steps to take post registration:

  • In order to launch an simple competitive type order you must fill in an Initiating Order;
  • In order to participate in an order launched by another participant to the market, you must complete an Opposite Order and constitute the relevant guarantee needed in order for the platform to allow you to trade.